We at Capacity just not maintain a site but it nurtures and helps the site grow to its maximum potential. Leveraging the power of web to create e-businesses is the challenge we proudly take apart from keeping all angles of the websites under maintenance in shape. With more than 20 active websites under our maintenance, we can comfortably say that your site is in safe hands at Capacity Web Solutions. The website maintenance process at Compare Infobase comprises of following:

  • Content addition and modifications as per the client needs.
  • Website designing and redesigning.
  • Search engine submissions and other promotional activities.
  • Website restructuring according to the changing client needs.
  • New technology deployment.

Creating a website can be easy compared to maintaining it. Over the years that we have been developing websites we have discovered that maintaining a site can require more money that developing it.

If you don’t want to spend your time updating your website, then let us do it for you so that you can focus on what you do best.

There are at least four areas of website maintenance and Web site management:

  • Content
    The content needs to be alive, current and accurate. With fresh information people will have a reason to return to the site time and time again. Also old articles, comments and other information should be archived.
  • Technology
    Technology changes so fast that some say a “web year” is one month! A site begins to look and act old without updating. Furthermore components of the site can malfunction, requiring maintenance.
  • Community development and marketing
    The visitors and activity should increase. This building of the community requires promotion and regular creative improvement.
  • Response and customer service
    Site visitors, customers and members often need a response. They may have questions, comments, complaints and suggestions. We can handle your customer support, forum moderating and any kind of database management.