Volusion Responsive Template Design

Volusion is one of the first hosted ecommerce solution providers running ecommerce software and providing service to online retailer to start their shop using their software as services on monthly subscriptions basis. Although all the source code is not available to retailer but they have provided access to template files so each retailer can create and manage the themes as per their needs using third party Volusion Development service provider like us.

Initially Volusion used to provide separate files for home page, category page, product details page etc…for managing the Volusion design layout themes, but as the Volusion ecommerce software became popular, they have converted the separate files to single template file system, and divided the layout into 4 parts (1) Header (2) Footer (3) Left (4) Content Area.

With tons of ecommerce features Volusion became popular, but as the market grew, technology keeps upgrading at rapid pace and with rise of smart devices usage increasing day by day, it was necessary to have mobile template feature, so just to make sure the volusion template support mobile devices, Volusion added mCommerce template feature, so the mobile user will have separate template loaded when they view the site using mobile phones, still this was not enough as the Responsive Web Design(RWD) popularity was rapidly increasing and Responsive Template Design from Volusion was the next step to overcome any odds.

So with increasing demand of Responsive Web Design (RWD) feature, Volusion have now upgraded it template engine to Support Fully Volusion Responsive Template Design. We provide complete Responsive Volusion Template Design and Volusion API Development services, below is the sample layout from one of our Volusion Responsive Store Design Portfolio, I hope you can understand how much difference it will make to a business if your website can be easily viewable irrespective of any devices and screen resolutions.


Please Get in Touch with us to Optimize your Volusion Store with Responsive Volusion Template Design so that it is compatible with wide range of devices from Desktop to Mobile phones for Enhanced User Experience and future growth. We also offer service of creating Responsive Web Design for Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, Joomla and many more Ecommerce and CMS software…