Have a trip to the our success story and satisfaction that is reflected in the words of our valued clients in below testimonials.

  • I was looking for a new, updated website for my home business for quite some time, procrastinating because I didn’t know who to ask or if I should try to do it myself again (limited knowledge of the store part). I finally came across Capacity Web Solutions and emailed them for information. Shailesh was always very quick to respond and explain everything thoroughly. I decided to go with them and am very glad I did. I love my new website, the turnaround time was very quick. Shailesh was very helpful and always promptly answered my many questions along the way! I wish I had contacted them a long time ago instead of procrastinating about it! They made me feel very comfortable with the project and I highly recommend them! Thank you CWS!

    Brenda Iverson – USA - https://www.personalizedbooksandgifts.com
  • Rebecca Jones – MotoCross Parts UK – http://motocrosspartsuk.com

    We first approached capacity web solutions for some bespoke work on our website.  The work was carried out quickly and professionally with great communication throughout.

    CWS were very quick to respond to any queries or amendments which were required.

    After work was complete CWS proactively sent a complete redesign of our site for our consideration.  We liked to the look of it but had a number of amendments to suit our needs.  These were applied and continually tweaked until we were satisfied.

    I would not hesitate to use CWS again and would fully recommend, particularly for Big Commerce site work.

    Rebecca Jones – MotoCross Parts UK – http://motocrosspartsuk.com
  • Brent Martin –  Performance Auto Trim, California Oaks Rd, USA – http://performanceautotrim.com

    I would like to thank Capacity Web Solutions for such a great job. They were very thorough in the first communication on how you want your site, design and features. It is a very important step.

    Their design and features for the price are the best i have seen. They have great communication through the whole design process. They answer their emails very quick and listen to any input you have.

    I would highly recommend them for your bigcommerce web design. The site looks great on computers and mobile web browsers.

    I want to thank you again for such a great site.

    Brent Martin – Performance Auto Trim, California Oaks Rd, USA – http://performanceautotrim.com
  • I am extremely happy with my choice of Capacity Web Solutions to make my website. They made what I consider a terrific website within a very short turnaround time. I found them to be very organized and gave prompt responses throughout the whole process. Most importantly, I felt their price was very reasonable. Thank you for your patience and the great job you have done. I would definitely recommend Capacity Web Solutions and I will continue to use their services going forward.

    Mary Irwin - Personalized Storybooks Store in Canada - https://www.personalizedstorybooks.ca
  • BenjolAustria

    After a lot of research on the net and receiving many quotes from other vendors on the redesign of my client’s e-commerce website I discovered Capacity Web Solutions. I found nothing but positive testimonials and satisfied customers regarding their development and customer service. I spoke to Hitesh over a six month period before making the decision to select his team to conduct the redesign. Every communication before we even signed with CWS was answered promptly and with great detail exemplifying their professionalism. That type of service was always evident from beginning to end during the redesign of our site. Hitesh and his team are true experts in functionality and design. The proposal process and payment terms were more than acceptable and well worth the money paid. I work as a Systems Analyst working for a large healthcare company in the US. I have worked with many vendor development teams overseas and CWS has been one of the best to work with. Hitesh and Capacity Web Solutions are top notch. Be confident in acquiring their services. They’ve exceeded our expectations and really converted the vision of our site into reality. Thank you.

    Benjol M. Austria, MBA - DOA ARMS Store, Virginia Beach, VA, USA - https://www.doaarms.com/
  • I started working with Capacity Web Solutions in early 2013. The work involved developing a retail site in 2 languages and a wholesale site. I have been a demanding customer with lots of special requests and modifications to existing functionality. In short, all my requests have been completed perfectly and the solutions have usually been better than my original ideas. CWS is not only very capable when it comes to technical matters, but they are also very good in graphical design which is almost equally important. Their solutions look great and the functionality is as I have requested, or better.

    All e-mails are answered promptly and requests are dealt with and solved in a very satisfactory manner. Perhaps most importantly, the cooperation has been very personal and friendly and an absolute pleasure.

    Thorhallur Birgisson - Solarfilma Retail and Wholesale Store - Iceland - http://www.sunfilm.is , http://www.solarfilma.is
  • Gilbert Firearms

    Hitesh and his team at Capacity Web Solutions are great, they are professional, easy to communicate with, quick to respond, and knowledgeable. They were able to take a rough concept and quickly turned it into a design that exceeded my expectations. I spent months working on other solutions to deploy my website and combining Volusion with Capacity Web Solutions; Hitesh and his team were able to deploy our site start to finish in under a month. They provided a great solution at a price we could afford and I look forward to continued our relationship with Capacity Web Solutions.

    Robert Donaldson - Gilbert Firearms - USA - http://www.gilbertfirearms.com
  • I would like to thank Hitesh and his team at CWS for all their help over the past few years in both my Joomla and BigCommerce websites. I’ve always found their work to be of very high quality and they are more than willing to go to any extra effort that is needed to meet my requirements. They are always very prompt to respond to any requests I have, and I look forward to many more years of partnership.

    George Darwent - On The Edge Motorsport - AUSTRALIA - www.edgemotorsport.net
  • Like many start up businesses, it was essential for us to find an affordable way to get a high quality website. Finding the right web developer/designer is like finding a good car repair shop. If web development is not your expertise you can only hope that you are not getting ripped off (I am talking from prior experiences). After doing thorough research on the web including checking out each web developer’s portfolio and reviews we decided to contract capacitiywebsolutions for our project. Conclusion: We thought we received everything we could ask for – a very competitive price. Shailesh was able to provide us with a quality web design (you can check it out at www.tieronesports.com) with excellent, next day communication/response. He was always eager to satisfy our needs and concerns and completed our project with absolute satisfaction. I highly recommend Shailesh to anybody for their web projects!!!

    Thanks a lot for your help and keep up the good work.

    Stephan - USA
  • When selecting a partner for offshore development it is often a roll of the dice. With the team at Capacity we struck it lucky. Excellent availability and communication, great work and reliable staff.

    Anthony Bodin - AUSTRALIA
  • I first spent several weeks searching the globe for a company that could help me build and modify my chosen ecommerce plattform in a way that it would suit my complex integration needs. Being a small company I could not hire my own developer locally, as the cost of the project would become greater then my budget allowed. I recieved many qoutes from different companies willing to undertake the project. However what made me chose CWS was that I could see they had broad experience in the programs/plattforms that I needed to modify. Their business approach also appeared to honest and sound. There was no demand for large up front payments before the project could start as many other companies require. They also took time to analyze the project details so that their responsibilities was clear.

    Of course I was very nervous about how the first stages of the project would turn out. However, it did not take long until I was overwhelmed by how professional they are and the high quailty of their work. They solved very complex integration needs and the challenges that arose along the way they managed to work through. Of course, as an end user you discover many small alterations that are needed to the original draft you give, but CWS always gave the extra support needed to correct any issues that arose. I will definately use CWS for future projects and I can fully recommend them to anyone who need a reliable team of programmers and graphic designers.

    Rolf Forslund - SWEDEN
  • I want to start off by saying that I am a VERY picky customer when it comes to custom website programming. I want as close to perfection as I can get, so customers find our site visually appealing and easy to use. Trying to find a programmer overseas can be fairly hard. You want to find someone who will do excellent work, but at the same time you want it to be affordable. Usually you can find “excellent” or “affordable” but typically not both.
    I was referred to Capacity Web Solutions by a friend of mine who owns All Outdoor LLC. I was really impressed with the work they did to his website. I wanted the same thing for my website, but with some other changes added on.

    I contacted Capacity Web Solutions and got a quote. The price of the quote surprised me and I thought “They can’t do all that programming for such a low price”. Approximately a week later, I was shocked at how amazing their programming looked. They did a such a fantastic job on the first makeover, that I decided to use them a second time. The second time was very time critical because I needed to get our BBB and trust logos up in a custom right nav bar. They had the changes completed in a couple of days and it looks outstanding! I saw an increase in sales that next day! I will be coming back to Capacity Web Solutions for ALL of my programming needs.

    Matt Warner - Military Warfighter Solutions LLC
  • My experience with Capacity solutions is very positive. I am an artist, actress and poet so my needs where quite specific since I needed help with developing a webpage that could integrade all these componds and create a uniq skin with a personal touch. The staff has been very helpful and even added extra features for free. I am very happy with the final result and I am now able to present myself in a much more professional way which will increase my chances of getting new exciting work assignments.

    Sara Forslund - Sweden - http://www.saraforslund.com
  • I had been talking with local web developers about the re-design of our ecommerce site, but was finding a general lack of professionalism and decided to start looking offshore. My experience with Capacity Web Solutions was fantastic and a welcome change to the interactions that I had been having with other companies. Barkat and his team are true professionals, easy to communicate with and provide great results. We have seen an immediate increase in traffic and sales as a result of the re-design work and we are already looking ahead to upcoming projects for Capacity. I highly recommend them.

    David Mackey, President - Mackey Metal Roofing
  • We were very pleased by the excellent work done by CWS on a recent complex integration project between our custom php/mySQL sites and the phpBB forum software. CWS got the job done on budget and on time, and their code worked flawlessly. We found them very easy to communicate with, they were always available whenever we needed them throughout the project, and we would highly recommend them to others seeking talented programmers for php work.

    Mark Northam, CEO - Global Media Online - Los Angeles, CA
  • Working with Capacity Web Solutions is easy. Their programmers are professional and knowledgeable. Their primary concern is providing for their client’s needs by creating a professional image and fully functional site in a short time at a reasonable price. They always had my best interest in mind and quickly answered all my questions in a way I could understand. They are building my second site now, and I plan to utilize their expertise on future developments. I received quotes from local developers, but it was not affordable. CWS provided the talent at a price I could afford. I strongly recommend them to anyone looking to enhance their web presence. I guarantee you will be impressed with the results, and your competition will wonder how you did it.

    Bob Corr - Highway Safety Group
  • I am very satisfied with the services CWS has provided. They are fast, precise, trustworthy and easy to communicate with. I have worked with them on several joomla projects. Both my customers and I are very satisfied. I`m looking forward to working with them on projects in the future, and I highly recommend them.

    Per Kristian Boe - NORWAY
  • My experience working with Capacity Web Solutions was great. I wanted a company that was experienced the ecommerce platform that I had chosen. I was fairly confident that CWS would be able to implement the technical parts of my project, but the design aspect was a major part also. They far exceeded my expectations. Their design work was just fantastic and it didn’t require several revisions to get to the finished product. The entire process was quick and the communication that I received from CWS was great. I would not hesitate to recommend CWS to anyone. I will certainly be using their services again in the future.

    Troy Frank - TopMailers.com, Inc.
  • I searched for months trying to find a company to redesign our website that was familiar with the Volusion web platform that I could afford. When I came across Capacity Web Solutions I was a little hesitant about even contacting them because I thought the communication would be a problem. The communication was not an issue at all. They answered all my questions in a very timely and professional manner.
    I am very satisfied with the work that Capacity did on our Website. It has already drawn in more customers and our current customers are saying it is much easier to navigate and more user friendly.

    I will not even think twice about contacting another web designer for future web design projects. Capacity Web Solutions has gained my trust and I already know I will be working with them in the very near future on another site design.

    Brian S. Bollinger - Home-Security-Plus.com - USA
  • We want something different for our Volusion Store, we contact local designers and they cant do what we want, so i use the web to find a designer company, after several expensives quotas we find Capacity Web Solutions, with a good price (that surprise me compare with the others) and a very good portfolio that have the examples of what we have been looking!!!!
    The Project was excelent, they work very fast and very good, and something very important, the image that we approve to be our theme was exactly the same when they implement in the live version, that is something that so many designers fail.

    I recommend this company, they have an excelent support, excelent services, i will continue working with them!

    Thank You Capacity Web Solutions!!!

    Boris Prado - LG Sciences - Volusion Website
  • It’s always a pleasure and great adventure working with Capacity Web Solutions. They make nice and effective designs. They are very patience an open minded. They do not hesitate to give advices and solutions for SEO improvement and design purposes. They are very efficients and fast also in bug fixing which shows they are great programers.
    Thank you again.

    Mohamed Sakho - France - Momilc
  • I made a great decision when I hired capacitywebsolutions. My website looks terrific and I received excellent service. Communication was great and they responded to my numerous emails promptly. I have used quite a few designers/illustrators for my businesses in the past. The design work I received from capacitywebsolutions is far superior to anything I have ever received. I will not hesitate to use them for all my programming and design needs go forward.

    Philip A. Nicolosi - USA
  • We selected Capacity Web Solutions for our Volusion site redesign because their proposal covered everything we needed and was within our budget. I worked with Hitesh Vadsmiya for about two weeks, during which we were able implement all the changes and successfully launch the site. The work was excellent and completed quickly – I would recommend Capacity Web Solutions to anyone needing web development!

    Jordan Goldman - Vice President - LaurasLotions.com
  • Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to the guys at Capacity Web Solutions for there great job on our website. Initially I was a little concerned about working with a company based overseas however, these concerns quickly went when I was walked through the whole process by their experienced and friendly staff. I highly recommend Capacity Web Solutions to anybody that is looking to partner with a company this is honest, transparent and can work to strict deadlines.

    James Fiddament - http://www.martarabia.com/
  • John VanWall

    Two words professional & patient, We looked around for a month trying to find someone to design our website, being a start up company we could not afford the prices everyone we contacted was asking, and we just paid someone good money but got really nothing in return except for a few color changes and background changes to a template Big Commerce already had available!
    We needed to establish a presence that we were for real and a legit company without breaking the bank and Capacity Solutions did this for us for a 3rd of the price!!

    They were professional, and patient with us till we got our site the way we wanted it. Would definitely use them again and recommend them.

    John VanWall - http://www.xtremevalor.com
  • I was leary at first about sending work offshore but I hired Capacity Web Solutions based on their quick and consistent response to my requests for a quote. They created a custom Volusion template for me based on an existing WordPress template. Hitesh was very patient as we made many edits until perfection was reached. Many small things came up along the way, such as the addition of Share This buttons and other minor things, they were very accommodating and reasonably priced all along the way. I’m looking forward to working with them again, and I would highly recommend them to anyone here in the US looking to get quality work done at a reasonable price.

    Louanna - http://shop.lighttherapyoptions.com
  • Working with Hitesh at Capacity Web Solutions has been a great experience. Not only are they affordable, they are responsive within 24 hours and address each question and request along the way. I would definitely recommend working with the web developers at Capacity Web Solutions. So far, no Volusion request that we’ve posted has not been met with care and attention to detail.

    Kira Kelley - Marketing & Operations Director at Silipint - http://www.silipint.com/
  • Nicolaine Duvert

    I am very pleased to write this testimonial because I LOVE the work that Barkat and his team has done for me. They were very patient with me and brought my thoughts to life. Very professional and my website was done in no time. I am so excited to promote my website because it is AMAZING!!! I believe that anyone looking for a company to do business with it is hands down Capacity Web Solutions. I will definitely recommend them to Business Colleagues.

    Nicolaine Duvert - LCBFINEST
  • Saurabh Abrol

    I stumbled upon Capacity Web Solutions on the Internet and I must say that it has been one of my best finds. They are extremely professional, prompt, and talented in coding as well as design. My website was almost a custom design solution and they were able to implement any request I had for them. Their customer service is very unique as whenever I called, they picked up almost 100% of the time. You don’t find this great customer service with too many companies these days. Truly a pleasure to deal with the entire team on a daily basis.

    Saurabh Abrol - Uncork Deals
  • Capacity Web Solutions did a fantastic job for developing and launching our brand new website. As a doctor, I don’t have a lot of time to devote to the website but their team was really helpful in guiding me so that it did not take a lot of time. Also, they got back to me on time, the quality was good and the price was reasonable.

    Dr. Shefali Miglani - http://www.monroeeyecarenj.com
  • Brian Kruse

    One word really…easy. CWS took the reins and made it easy. Our site was pretty typical of most Volusion sites, sorta nice look, pretty easy to navigate but flat in that “shiny” category of good looks. CWS kept the same “image” of the site as to not lose customers for a drastic “complete” makeover, you could still tell you were at the same site you shopped at a month ago. But, the new site now just jumps off the page.
    CWS has a COMPLETE understanding of the Volusion platform, its limitations and hacks to work around some of those problem areas. CSS looks to be one of CWS’s top strengths as things were applied and seamlessly carried on throughout the site.

    CWS can overhaul ALL the parts of your Volusion template, from the main header all the way down to the buttons used throughout.

    My job is easier now that I don’t have to fiddle with the layouts and weird problems that came up before, all I have to do now is sell.

    I WILL hire CWS again to spruce up the site as needed.

    Brian Kruse - InWall Store - Volusion Website - USA
  • Khalilah Rashid

    5 stars is too low! Don’t click away, You’ve found your designer! Barkat & his team at CWS did an *AMAZING JOB* on my Volusion store! I couldn’t be happier! The design & professionalism were of the *HIGHEST* quality. They are the RARE GEM You’re looking for in a good company that is knowledgeable in many areas while offering *SUPERIOR* customer service & AFFORDABLE PRICES! Before hiring them I didn’t know what communication would be like, since they’re in India. But comm. was *NO PROBLEM* they were always AVAILABLE to answer my questions via chat and stayed many times to help me! Sometimes I can be very particular about how I want something to be. They were always patient with me as a new person, & explained things I didn’t understand & always made the changes. They quoted me 30 days & could’ve *EASILY* finished the project in this time, but due to delays from MANY OTHER BIZ I was working with they had to wait 4 codes & many other things. Time delay is NOT the fault of CWS! GREAT JOB!

    Khalilah Rashid - StarBusiness - Modest Gem Apparel
  • Paul Kuc

    Hitesh and his team did a fantastic job! Completed EXACTLY as discussed and on time. Would recommend to anyone needing their services!!! A++

    Paul Kuc - Spokomart - USA
  • Ron – Driven GPS

    Hitesh and his team at Capacity Web Solutions, did a great job on our project. Not only did they finish before the deadline, they completed it almost a week early.

    Ron – Driven GPS - GeekDeal - USA
  • John Adams

    We purchased an existing website and were not happy with the design or the e-commerce platform used. We contacted Capacity Web Solutions as they were referred by a business colleague. Wow, what a great referral they have turned out to be! Their team understood our vision and new concept for the website and added their own creativity to improve upon our ideas. We chose the Volusion platform and they designed, built, and implemented the Volusion template in a short amount of time.
    We have designed and built dozens of e-commerce websites over the last 10 years ourselves so we know what we are doing. In the future, we will use Capacity Web Solutions. They have proven their expertise and creativity and we are very pleased with what we received. The same website would have cost much more from other design companies. We highly recommend their services for anyone looking for a professional, unique, and high quality Volusion website.

    John Adams - Time Less Candles
  • Doug Ardy, Owner

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I initially contacted Capacity Web Solutions to quote/provide the design work for my Volusion e-commerce website. Would my questions be answered? Would my design requirements be met? Would the work be completed on-time and with the quality I expected? Impressively, the answers to these questions were all yes. Not only did the team at Capacity meet my expectations, they exceeded them. I now feel that I have a my own professional design team at my fingertips whenever I need them.
    Being a extremely satisfied client I have already referred other business owners to CWS and I highly recommend their company to anyone who is need of website design.

    Doug Ardy, Owner - All Outdoor, LLC
  • Daniel R. Handford

    Thank you, the design looks great and we are already getting great compliments. In addition, the sales on our website are increasing already and it has only been up one week. We will definitely be using CWS in the future.

    Daniel R. Handford - Sales Director - ShopAnatomical.com - USA
  • CWS saved the day! My phpbb forum was down and the database corrupted. I could not get the database installed. CWS not only got the database working but also upgraded my site to the latest phpbb version, installed the style I selected, and even placed some very useful mods. They did all this in a timely manner, at a very reasonable price. I will use them for all my site needs.

    Janet - phpBB - ChessExchange.com - USA
  • The problem with outsourcing a big job like designing a brand new website is that you never know what you’re getting in terms of quality, cooperation, creativity etc. I searched and searched for a suitable website designer and came across CWS. I will never go elsewhere for my website needs. They are professional, timely, cooperative and kept in touch throughout the whole process. Some website designers are technically capable but lack that creative spark that makes a website stand out, not CSW. We got a great looking website that is really easy to update and looks great.

    Betty - South Pacific - Australia
  • Steve Acree

    I was very pleased with the work done by CWS. They were on time and within our budget. I was able to concentrate on other work and let CWS take control. They sent us examples of the work before posting and allowed us to approve the work before completion. Of course I was nervous off the get go, but they understood what I wanted and I was very, very pleased with the outcome. We will use CWS for any future website design changes or new websites we create.

    Steve Acree - Seismic Audio Speakers - Memphis, TN
  • Eric Ancliffe

    In dealing with Capacity, a rare level of professionalism is reached. In these fast paced times, getting someone who takes the time to listen to you and your goals is rare enough. Getting someone who does all that and then comes through in spades is phenomenal. These folks are flat out, the best at what they do, which is provide solutions to your web needs.

    Eric Ancliffe - Volusion - Wholesale AC - CANADA
  • Jonathan Globerson

    I have worked with several other webdesign companies, but CWS are the first ones that actually made my project puuuuuurfect! They built my Ecommerce website exactly as I envisioned it. They were on time, polite, and never told me that something is not possible to accomplish. They stood to their promises and accomplished the project goals without any problems. I am definitely going to develop other websites with them in the future. All together they also had good competitive pricing.

    Jonathan Globerson - Wholesale LuckyCharms USA - Volusion Website - USA
  • Ryan Kern

    I chose CWS to redesign my website based on their previous experience with website design. I was incredibly surprised with the overall quality of their work and the vision they had for the website. The best part was that their pricing with very competitive with the other offers I received. CWS was truly a pleasure to work with and I definitely recommend them for anyone else.

    Ryan Kern - Bel Red - Joomla 1.5 Website - USA
  • Katia Frishman

    CWS was very helpful in translating the ideas I had for my site into a beautiful design – they nailed it! My project was on time and on budget, and there is a lot to say for that. I highly recommend CWS and will continue to use their service in the future.

    Katia Frishman - Bellastretch.com - USA
  • Jason Lam

    CWS makes our idea come true. I suggest every online businessman do not waste time to study how to make website, just outsource to CWS, and concentrate on your own business.

    Jason Lam - Happitoy.com
  • Peter Fallesen

    As I was looking for an offshore developer I stumbled upon CWS which I am extremely pleased with and they have a professional approach to whom they work with and the result speaks for itself – I highly recommend CWS as your offshore developer!

    Peter Fallesen - Matchstraff.se - SWEDEN
  • Stanley Goh

    I am extremely pleased with CWS. Their service is second to none, and is extremely responsive to all my requests. We had to start from a blank sheet and CWS were able to establish our requirement and delivering our project on time and most importantly within budget as well. I will definitely work with them again.

    Stanley Goh - Medizone Ltd UK - UNITED KINGDOM
  • Jason De Mamiel

    Recently I had Capacity Web Solutions do PHP/MYSQL programming of an API/XML related database, Capacity Web Solutions have been extremely professional and went way beyond what was required of the project. Their attention to detail and continual help has been greatly appreciated and made this project a win win for both parties. If you want a professional, well priced service, then you should look at using Capacity Web Solutions.

    Jason De Mamiel
  • Naz Bien

    I have a good experience working with CWS and will continue to work with them. Their prices are reasonable and quality of work is unquestionnable. There are always rooms for improvements though, Highly recommended for development projects.

    Naz Bien
  • Anders Sjöberg

    When working Capacity Web Solutions I am extremely please. Everything have done on time and our expectations have always been met and exceeded. We can highly recommended Capacity Web Solutions when outsourcing PHP/HTML work.

    Anders Sjöberg - SWEDEN
  • Timur Anthony

    I am extremely pleased with the work done for me by Capacitywebsolutions. The work was professionally done, fairly priced and delivered on time. Besides, the communication throughout the project was excellent!!

    Timur Anthony - USA
  • Stig Wold

    We used CWS for a urgent PHP / MySQL job – they are quick and affordable, would recommend them to all, and we will use them again.

    Stig Wold
  • Allan Nielsen

    I have had the priveledge of having CapacityWebSolutions work on my websites. They are fast, efficient, affordable and they “over-deliver” giving me more than I asked for. This is a company I would recommend for all beginners starting out, and their customer service is great, they are always available.

    Allan Nielsen - DENMARK
  • Donny Ouyang

    Very cooperative. Work quality is very high. It was well worth the wait. Will do business in the future.

    Donny Ouyang - Kinkarso Network, CANADA