SDLC DiagramSystem Development Life Cycle is a systematic approach for application development or system development. SDLC is the process of building the system that result in a high quality, cost-effective, within time and efficient application that is cheap to maintain, easy to enhance and that can work effectively.  It is divided in several phases and each phase comprised of multiple steps, and they are as follows:

Feasibility Study
In this phase the desired system is examined and determined that whether new system is actually achievable or feasible.
In this phase thorough system requirements are gathered by IT specialists, analyzing of the requirement undertaken.
In this phase the system model is designed like graphical user interface and database
In this phase the design is executed into physical system by building the database and programs
In this phase a thorough testing is done on developed system.
In this phase the system is deployed in to actual workforce and used.
At Capacity, we follow the SDLC to build an application so that it is of high quality, cost-effective, easy to enhance and that can work effectively. Below is the diagram that can summarize our way of working using SDLC.

System Development Life Cycle