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$0 Good for start-up
  • All Basic Plan Features with below limitations
  • 100 YMM Rows
  • 5 YMM Fields/Dropdowns
  • 1000 Products Export
  • For Affiliate/ Development Stores
  • For Partner Test Stores

Basic Plan

$10.00 Per Month
$96.00 Per Year (20% off)
  • Unlimited YMM Fields
  • Speed up mode
  • Bulk Products Assign
  • Universal products
  • Import/Export YMM
  • Year range import
  • 1,000,000 YMM Rows
  • More General OptionsNew
  • Design OptionsNew
  • Markets Feature (Multilingual/Multiple Currencies)New
  • User Friendly YMM DropdownsNew

Pro Plan

$50.00 Per Month
$480.00 Per Year (20% off)
  • All Basic Plan Features
  • Fitment Match
  • Fitment Compatibility Chart
  • Get YMM information inside ordersNew
  • 1,000,000 YMM Rows

Premium Plan

$75.00 Per Month
$720.00 Per Year (20% off)
  • All Basic & Pro Plan Features
  • 1,500,000 YMM Rows

Features Listing and Comparison

Features Development Basic Pro Premium
YMM Fields 
You can create multiple YMM Dropdowns as per your need.
5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Speed Up Mode 
It provides seamless speed at the time of page load means YMMbox dropdowns displayed much more faster than current.
Bulk Products Assign 
You can assign Products in Bulk to Multiple YMM Rows.
Bulk Import YMM Rows 
You can Import YMM Rows either with Bulk Insert / Append Rows / Update Rows option via CSV upload.
Export YMM Rows 
You can Export YMM Rows CSV, which you can keep as data backup or it will be used in 'Update YMM rows' via CSV import.
Export Products 
You can Export Products CSV, which you can refer to assign "Product Ids" to each ymm row.
1000 100,000 100,000 100,000
"Year Range" import 
It will allow you to import same Row for each year of range value means You do not have to add 10 YMM Rows in CSV for the year value which starts from 2001 to 2010, instead of it you just need to write one YMM row in which you have to put range value in your Year column like: 2001-2010.
Universal Products 
Universal Products are products which can fit universally and so it will be shown in every YMM Search result.
Fitment Match 
Fitment Match provides confirmation on product details page that a product matches with ymm search criteria.
Fitment Compatibility Chart 
Fitment Compatibility Chart displays all product fitment data that belongs to ymm search criteria on product details page.
YMM Rows 
Total number of Year make model records(rows) allowed to manage in each plan.
100 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,500,000
More General Options  New
You can manage general configurations from the app admin. You can also "Skip none fields (drodpowns)" via one of the general configurations. You can show or hide vendor details, SKU details, etc. You can also set the Ymm Product Result Page image dimension. You can also edit YMM App texts in your primary language from "Translations" section.
Design Options  New
You can easily set or manage the basic colour scheme for the YMM app through the app admin as per your theme's look.
"Markets Feature" (Multilingual / Multiple Currencies) New
Through the YMM App Markets feature, which is based on Shopify's Markets feature, it will be possible to manage the YMM App in multiple languages and multiple currencies.
Get YMM information inside orders  New
This feature will send all YMM field information that is selected by the customer to the cart and checkout pages, and then You (the admin) can receive precise YMM information searched by the customer inside the Order section.
User Friendly YMM Dropdowns  New
This feature will provide ease to your customers by allowing them to choose one of the dropdown values, and the next in the chain will be opened automatically. Customers can also search inside the YMM dropdown values.

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