How to Use Shortcode in My theme?
Please have a look at this video guide Click here
Ymm App is not Working After Changing Theme.
After installation of our Shopify YMM app, our App files are copied under your currently active theme. So when you change your theme, App files will not be there on that new theme. We suggest you to click on “Install Files” button which you can see in App Dashboard. If you need help to figure it out, then please drop an email at
Custom design changes Lost After click on ''Install Files'' button.
When you click on “Install Files” button, then old files are deleted, and new files are created so whatever changes you have done in design part will be deleted permanently. Therefore, we have put an alert message when you click on “Install Files” button.
Would I lose all my data after Uninstallation of App?
Yes, All data is removed from the system once customer/merchant uninstall App.
How can I remove App files after Uninstallation?
You can remove 6 files from your theme, Go to your currently active theme:


  • templates/page.ymm-custom.liquid
  • assets/ymm-custompage.css
  • assets/ymm-custompage.js
  • snippets/ymm-searchbox.liquid
  • assets/ymm-searchbox.css
  • assets/loader.gif
How to find ProductID?
We have given this feature in Import/Export Tab of App. Click on “Export Product CSV” button. You will get CSV file with ProductIds in it.

Is Product ID equal to SKU?
No, Product ID and SKU both are different things. You can’t use SKU in CSV file to import YMM data.
Unable to Import my Ymm Records.
When you import your CSV file then please check below points,

  • Make sure, its CSV file NOT EXCEL file.
  • Make sure, its Comma Separated file, NOT SEMICOLON Separated file.
  • CSV field Ordering should be matched with your latest field ordering. You can download Sample CSV to cross check it.
How to Assign Products via CSV in Ymm Rows?
You must separate productIDs by ~ (tilde) sign

How to Download Sample CSV file ?
Please go to “Import/Export” tab then click on “Download Sample CSV”

When I import CSV, it shows 'Wrong CSV Fields.'
Please check your CSV field Ordering, Which should be matched with your latest field ordering. You can download Sample CSV to cross check it.
What is CSV Import File Size allowed for all Import Rows Options?
You can Upload Maximum 20MB CSV File for all Import Rows Options.

Products are showing lately in Select Box.
Sometime it may take a while to load products, As it is fetching through API.
My Products are not showing in the Search result.
Please ensure that you have assigned product IDs correctly. You can check it from “Export Ymm CSV” button, which will show you details about your YMM row and assigned Product IDs.

If you have assigned correct “Product Id” but actually that Product is not visible on your store. So, please check Product visibility in your Shopify Admin > Products section.

If ProductId number is wrong then products will not be seen in the Search Result page.

If you have assigned Product SKU instead of Product Id then also products will not be visible in the Search page.

After copying Shortcode, its showing message 'false'. What have I done wrong?
Its look like that due to some internet issue, all App files are not copied to your theme. We suggest you to click on “Install Files”button which you can see in App Dashboard. If you need help to figure it out, then please drop an email at
After installing the App, where should I check in front end?
Please check this page after installing our App
When click on Search button, I have encountered with 404 Error.
For this please go to Admin >> Apps >> Year Make Model Advance Search >> How to Use it and click on Create Page button.
When I have created CSV file in Excel and noticed that on all single product ID's read like this for e.g. 8.45282E+11
Generally speaking, When You have entered the number whose length is longer than 11 digits, Excel will convert it to scientific notation automatically.

To Fix this kind of problem easily, just put tilde(“~”) sign after single product id for e.g “845282148395~”.

NOTE: It is not mandatory to put tilde(“~”) sign after single product id in CSV File everytime, it requires only when you face this kind of problem.

When I Re-Upload my updated file that I exported with 'Update Rows option' would I choose the Append Rows or Update Rows?
You have to choose “Update Rows” option when you have exported CSV file with “Update Rows option” whenever you are Re-Importing YMM CSV.
When I am re-uploading the Updated CSV File then What is the best option to choose in the app?
Whenever You want to Update Existing Records then best option is to Choose CSV Template Option as “Update Rows” & Click on Export YMM CSV button.

Then you will be able to Update YMM Rows / Product Ids within this downloaded CSV in Which Please do not remove “Id” column & It’s value.

What should I have to do when my Update CSV file is bigger than 20MB ?
When Your Update CSV file become bigger than 20MB then You have to split Update CSV file into smaller parts & Re-Import your splitted CSV files after do modifications in YMM Rows.
When would I need to export my file with 'Bulk Insert/Append Rows Option' ?
Whenever you need to “Add New Rows” then You need to choose this option either You want to Add Whole New Data (Bulk Insert) [ Which clears all your Old Records & Add All New Data ] OR Just want to Add Some Rows (Append Rows) to existing ones e.g. two or three Rows.
In which sort order, YMM Products will be displayed?
YMM Products will be displayed in ascending order of product title.
When would I need to use this option 'Bulk Insert/Append Rows for Year Range via CSV' in the app?
Whenever You want to Add same YMM Row for each Year of Range value like: 2001 to 2005 then enable checkbox option: Enable Year range values & Choose your Range Field , Which have range value e.g. 2001-2005 from Dropdown. This way you will have just one row of year range in csv file instead of 5 individual YMM rows.
YMM Searchbox is taking too much time during page loading. Any solution to this problem ?
Yes, we’ve added a new feature to solve this problem. Please check the “Manage YMM” tab of our app then you’ll see “Speed Up Configuration”. Please turn on this “Speed up Mode” and click on the ‘Publish HTML’ button then after please check in your storefront. It will decrease the loading time for the YMM search box. If you’ll need any help for speed up configuration then please do not hesitate to contact at >> We’ll help you to sort out this problem.
My customization work lost after I have used 'Speed Up Mode' as 'ON', what to do now?
Yes, if you want to use the “Speed Up Mode” feature then it will upgrade our App files and if you/we have done customization prior for you then it will be lost. But no worries, we have kept older app files backup in your live theme. You can find backup files by go to snippets folder then please open this file i.e. “ymm-searchbox-old-cws-backup.liquid” and revert snippets/ymm-searchbox.liquid file contents with this backup file and similarly, go to templates folder then please open this file i.e. “page.ymm-custom-old-cws-backup.liquid” and revert templates/page.ymm-custom.liquid file contents with this backup file. You can still contact us if you want to speed-up YMM without losing customization work, we’ll sort this out for you quickly! Don’t hesitate to drop an email at >
How can I display Compatibility Chart in Product details page?
You can do so by going to our App then click on “How to use it” tab then you’ll find “YMM compatibility chart” template code that you can copy and paste in your product template file. If you’re not sure how to do this then you can drop an email at  >
How price will be calculated if I will upgrade my plan?
When you upgrade your plan by moving from a less expensive charge to a more expensive charge, the charge is prorated based on the difference in price and the number of days remaining in the billing cycle. For example, if you begin a 30-day billing cycle on a $5.00 plan, and then upgrade to a $15.00 plan on day 15 of the billing cycle, you’d be charged $5.00 + ($15.00 – $5.00) * (15/30) = $10.00 USD. You can check this in Shopify billing FAQ at here >>  Click me
How price will be calculated if I will downgrade my plan?
If you downgrade your plan by moving from a more expensive charge to a less expensive charge, then you’re automatically offered an application credit based on the difference in price and the number of days remaining in the billing cycle. This application credit can be used towards any future application purchase on Shopify. You can check this in Shopify billing FAQ at here >> Click me.
What is the use of YMM data optimization?
Optimization will check and delete duplicate records from all your YMM records and this will decrease loading time on the front-end, due to adequate number of records.
Is there a way so I can delete specific YMM rows in bulk?
Yes, you can. You can delete specific ymm rows in bulk via CSV option such as: ‘Delete Rows’. Please read steps in our documentation guide by Click here OR you can watch video guide by  >> Click here.