Why You Should Redesign Your Business Website In 2015

Improve Your Online Presence With Website Redesign

If you own a website, you know how important it is for users to connect with you and your brand. To connect with visitors, your website design should be simple and user friendly. But what if it is not? Should you be opting for a website redesign?

Emerging Trends in Design

It is highly important for business owners to invest in newer and user-friendly designs to keep up-to-date with the emerging trends of the web world. In the last decade, many new trends have emerged and are making a huge impact on viewership.  Let’s take a look at the most prevalent trends of current times.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

How does responsive web design make a website a better?  Back in the old days (circa 2010) there used to be two different versions of a website; desktop version and mobile version. But now web developers are focusing their efforts on creating a responsive web design. Call it a result of generous use of tablets or Smartphones, but this new web design trend is blurring the design and coding experience for mobile as well as desktops.

Mobile apps

The prominence of mobile apps has revived web design both in terms of functionality and user interface. With Android and iOS, developers are working hard to support newer design transitions and pitching a strong app experience for mobile users.


HTML5 helps in scaffolding a responsive web design. Developers can bring in more functionality by introducing new and interactive features. With the help of different tags (header, footer, section, etc.), content organization gets better which makes indexing easier for search engines. Quite an SEO friendly feature!

Retina Display & 4K Resolutions

Retina display is a major bloom in screen technology adding to visual aesthetics and screen clarity with high pixel density. Apple’s Retina Display offers a 960 x 640 pixel screen on iPhone 4S. The 326-pixels-per-inch resolution enables human eye to distinguish pixels on a small screen.

OS Browsers

Chrome OS is a lightweight operating system and is perfect for tablets and mobile devices. It is faster than any other OS and comes loaded with anti-virus features to fight emerging security threats. An update to the Chrome OS Developer Channel has introduced further improvements to the operating system. Firefox OS is mainly built on HTML5 and takes full advantage of the platform. Due to improved app performance, many mobile app developers are paying attention to it.

Search Engine Rankings

It may get bothersome for designers to devise an accurate design plan for a site, aiming at good rankings. For example, one needs to know that graphic based sites and less content do not yield good results on search engines.