The category pages of an ecommerce website prove to be the online and virtual salesperson for the website. An organized grouping of products will grab the attention of viewers. There must be varied features available on the page that will make search and selection of products easier. Sorting functionalities by price, model, manufacturer will make the works of a customer easier.

Capacity Web Solutions have strong experience in products import work through CSV file. We have developed Magento extension for products import with categories, multiple images and custom options, you can check here Import Products categories, multiple images with custom options Extension

You have to provide the Products CSV file and assign the task then you feel relax because we import the products into your magento store and show you for approval.

The links displayed in pages must be sequential and descriptive. It is an Herculean task to organize products according to the category when the number of products are huge in store. However, it is worth doing the ground work in ordering items so that users get narrow options to choose from. Its generally easy for customers to make up their mind when they are given with 2 or 3 options. This is the thumb rule to be followed while designing category pages. Information should be presented in tid-bits and it must be a pleasure for the customer to visit your website and do shopping.

A poorly designed page often comes with a laundry list of products accompanying no vital information. The search function must return vital information regarding products based on keywords given by shopper.

Magento ecommerce software allows the administrator to categorize the page according to specific requirements. It is a good option to limit the number of category pages as the users do not like to browse through tens or hundreds of pages listed. The software helps you use the concept of winnowing which allows categorization of wide range of products available in the inventory. It allows the users to take control by selecting 3 or 4 criteria at the same time and searching.

The software also allows the administrator to login and fill up the product data entry pages. It is important to fill with right kind of information about products. Capturing information and presenting it has to be done in an elegant way. This will definitely save you money and time enhancing user experience. It helps you to target your audience with the usage of right keywords.

Magento ecommerce software allows you to do the data entry works about products in a much easier way. It is easily done rather than said with the help of software. One can save several man hours of time and save huge amount of money. The work space is very easy to work with. To sum it up, the software provides a good deal at the back end for site owners. It allows them to concentrate on business marketing rather than doing data entry pages and categorization of pages.

We have a dedicated team of members those who are specialized in offering support to create customized and categorized pages along with professional skills of product data entry pages. We will stick to your business requirements and strive hard to bring ultimate success to your business.

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