The first page which the visitor visits on clicking an URL is called the landing page of the website. This page will give the first impression about the website and it will have a definite impact in the reader’s mind. It is of utmost importance for any of the ecommerce websites. A potential buyer will be decided by the impression that the first page creates on his mind. A better look and appearance offers a better reliability and comforts the user’s mind. Hence, the design of the landing page plays a vital role in creating better prospects for the business. First impression is the best impression is the apt saying that holds 100% truth for the ecommerce business models.

Magento Commerce has understood the importance of having effective landing pages. The job of creating such pages is simple 1-2-3 processes which are custom designed. The business needs will keep varying and it is important to have software which will accommodate the dynamic changes of the business and deliver the expected. Magento Commerce software exactly abides by the business rules and allows the site owner to log in as an administrator and perform the changes required. The administrator will have full access to modify the functionalities and even new features can be added with ease.

A landing page need not necessarily be the homepage of the website. A user might have bookmarked any of the pages of website and keep visiting through that link. When people start visiting the website through various pages, the website gets indexed in many of the leading directories and search engines. The landing pages should carry the right kind of information and project it in the right sense when the customer arrives. This will help you to promote the ecommerce business sales.

There are various factors that determine the success of a landing page. People rightly call the landing page as the online sales person of your ecommerce products. As a site owner, you must be satisfied with the contents and design of the pages. The content present in the pages must rightly convey the meaning to the targeted audience. The keywords must be rightly targeted to get the right kind of traffic for which the conversion rate will be higher.

The landing page should contain valuable information regarding the product or the services offered. The navigation must be made simple and the contents must not be ambiguous. The actions should be executable with a single click of the buttons. Feature description is the most important thing which will attract the buyers in an intuitive way. Highlight the guarantee details and advantages of buying your product.

It is important to highlight the features of buying the product from your website even when it is easily available on many other websites. A sale can be made or neglected depending upon the effectiveness of landing pages created.

Magento eCommerce Software Solutions understand the importance of all your business requirements and our team of developers is always on their feet to help the customers. Our valuable services will create unique opportunities to have more number of potential buyers. The design and layout of the landing pages will be perfect according to the requirements. We assure you that our services will give you the maximum rate of conversion and the development would be on par with the standards that are highly competitive. We strive hard to make you as the leaders in the online market.

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