HTML5 is a Markup Language which gives us a way to enhance text files with bit codes which will alter or describe the structure of the document. Think of our school exam papers corrected by the teachers with red colored ink. They indicate what has to be changed so that the documents will look better. HTML5 has grown substantially to a greater extent with the help of CSS and Javascript. CSS defines the way the documents will look like and Javascript is supposed to build better interactivity with the applications.

Why HTML5?

There are two good news for the HTML5 developers on why business owners would like to prefer HTML5 web development.

Rising of Web Applications:

The language is built around the web based applications. HTML5 web development offer excellent features to access data even when there is no internet connectivity. It offers rich media support. Features like offline storage, geo-location (ability to identify and work with the user location) features with rich audio and video elements offer a unique chance for the enterprise owners to take their business to the next level at ease. The audio and video features can be made interactive with JavaScript with incredible ease of use.

HTML5 development enables easier building of smart forms in which the text inputs, search boxes, check boxes and other buttons are created with ease. They provide better control to validate the input data. Real time chat, drag and drop options, discussion boards, chat forums and many other web elements can be integrated to give value added services at affordable costs.

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Tableless Website Design

With the Cascading Style Sheets waters thoroughly tested by many sites that have taken the plunge, it’s time for us to start cheering from the water below, coaxing and encouraging those who haven’t yet jumped in, to make that jump. There’s no longer any reason to use tables for layout, nor is there reason to maintain multiple versions of a site solely for different desktop browsers. Throw the tables out first. Trust us, they’re not needed anymore.

Tableless Web design is a method of web design and development without resorting to the use of HTML tables for page layout control purposes. Instead of HTML tables, style sheet languages such as CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are used to arrange elements and text on a web page. CSS was introduced by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to improve web accessibility and to make HTML code semantic rather than presentational.
Early in its advent, many web developers considered CSS a more powerful and easier to use way of formatting, and considered the <FONT> tag obsolete. On the other hand early CSS had very limited and difficult to use layout capabilities and many common page layouts (like the 3-column design) that were very easy to implement with tables had no obvious equivalents in CSS.

As of 2006, the situation improved considerably. However, many popular browsers have limited or buggy support for these newer features of CSS, which has slowed the adoption of table less web design. Many websites still use CSS for text formatting only, while using tables for layout.

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