No company can afford to ignore the Internet sales potential that exist right now. Using shopping cart technology, we provide a personalized web shopping experience without sacrificing accessibility to products. A professional quality and industry standard website will help your company sell your products or services online. Mainly, shopping cart is responsible for Select a product, define the quantity and add it to the shopping cart and all mathematical calculations, including sub-total, sales taxes (if any), shipping cost, final total and whatever else involve to the relevant product or services for which it is made. The shopping Cart is seamlessly integrated with the Payment Gateway of your choice. Live, real time authentication and verification of the customer’s credit card is done, enabling instant payment to you for your services or products.

Ecommerce Solutions

The Internet provides today’s web users with an easy, enticing and efficient shopping experience. Capacity E-commerce solutions meet today’s expectations of web users being powerful and encompassing and offer control over product inventory, images, discounts, specials, and prices through a common web browser.

An e-commerce site must show the customer what they want in the way they want to see it. After the customer’s finds what they want, they need to be able to purchase the item(s) swiftly and easily. Capacity integrates the e-commerce site to work seamlessly with your bank and the customer’s credit card; ensuring minimal effort for both your customer and you. Also, shipping, tax, returns, Real time processing, Live shipment calculation, payment process etc. should be handled simply and conveniently. The complexity of your business should be transparent to your customers.

We incorporate two types of features attached with E-commerce website:

  • Admin Features include Product Management, Order / Shipping Management, and Customer Management.
  • Front End Features include Dynamic display of product catalog, Shopping Cart, Payment Gateway Integration, Shipping Integration, Customer Registration.