Drupal is a web-based content management system. Text and pointers to other kinds of content are stored in a database, dynamically retrieved and composed, and presented to a user in response to a request sent via a web-browser. Drupal supports established and emerging standards. Specific target standards include XHTML and CSS. Drupalis based on the open source philosophy of collaborative free software development and is licensed under the GPL. Drupal is itself open source and builds on and supports other open source projects. Specifically, Drupal is coded in the open source scripting language PHP and supports as primary data sources the open source database formats MySQL and Postgresql.

The key features of using Drupal are
  • Ease-of-use and large selection of modules & themes
  • Excellent categorization of content through taxonomy system
  • Nice input filter system that lets you choose the format style (e.g. HTML or Textile) for each entry
  • Clean URLs through apache mod_rewrite as well as Drupal URL aliasing system
  • Built-in revision system so I can handle different versions, although you can’t mark one revision published while working on another.
  • Huge developer community tha”s also fairly software savvy
  • Written in PHP, and we have the set of developers who are most efficient with that scripting language.

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Our Drupal services include
  • Drupal Design templates
  • Drupal Design integration
  • Drupal Module installation
  • Client specific custom Drupal modification and customization
  • Drupal Adding Content & Managing It For Clients

If you have any requirement in Drupal, please email your requirement to info@capacitywebsolutions.com