Bigcommerce Year Make Model Search App User Guide

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Below you will find the detailed documentation on how to use our App and we wish you have a great experience with our Bigcommerce App.

How to Use it

This App is a handy tool to Search Products very quickly from large products database.

Year Make Model Search allows your customers to find products on your website by Year, Make, Model or any additional fields you have created with the help of this App.

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Please watch the right side video which explained complete app installation and setup process and also explained how our app works.

App Installation

1. Click here to visit our Bigcommerce App >> Bigcommerce Year Make Model Search App

Show YMM on Frontend

  1. Go to Admin >> Apps >> Year Make Model Search >> How to Use it

  2. Step-1: Download necessary files
    • Click on Download button and download the zip file.
    • Then Connect to your store webdav server. You can check it here. Now open content folder in webdav.
    • Copy and paste the downloaded zip file in content folder and extract it. You will see ymmapp folder in your content folder.

  3. Step-2: Copy Template Code by click on Copy to Clipboard.#

  4. Step-3: Now Go to My Themes and Paste Template Code in your Current Active Theme.

    From your Bigcommerce admin, click on Storefront >> My Themes and Select Advanced in your Current Active Theme. Click on Edit theme files. (** if Edit theme files option is not working then you can also go to Customize and then scroll down and click on Edit theme files)

    Current Active Theme

    If you want to show Ymm search box in all pages of your site, it is better idea to put the code in Header section. For it, click on templates >> components >> common >> header.html. Paste the code where you want it in header section and save the file  Watch Video Guide (click here)
    Paste Shortcode
  5. NOTE: ** If you want to display ymm results in Custom Web Page then follow this Step-4 and Step-5 otherwise you can also display ymm results in Search Result Page of your store front

  6. Step-4:  Go to Admin >> Apps >> Year Make Model Search >> How to Use it. Copy the Webpage Template code as shown below.
    Create Webpage

  7. Step-5:  Create custom webpage to display Ymm results. Go to Admin >> Storefront >> Webpages >> Create a web Page. Paste the code in Page Content Html. Name the webpage as Product Result.
    Create Webpage

Modify YMM Shortcode

  1. Go to Admin >> Apps >> Year Make Model Search >> How to Use it

  2. In Modify Template code section, You can enter your store domain url (if it is changed), YMM Searchbox Title and Choose Searchbox Style.

  3. NOTE: After Modify, You need to Re-paste template code if its already exists in your theme file.
    Modify Shortcode

  4. Horizontal Style for YMM Search Box: Horizontal YMM

  5. Vertical Style for YMM Search Box: Vertical YMM

Manage Fields

  1. Go to Admin >> Apps >> Year Make Model Search >>Manage Fields

  2. From here, You can Manage Multiple Dropdowns as per your requirement. Watch Video Guide (click here)
  3. Manage Fields


  1. Go to Admin >> Apps >> Year Make Model Search >>Add YMM

  2. From Here, You can ADD YMM values easily by Auto Suggestion feature, which suggest you about previous YMM values while adding a new record.

    >> Watch Video Guide (click here)

  3. Also, You can Assign selected products to YMM record easily just follow the steps listed in below window: Add YMM

Manage YMM

  1. Go to Admin >> Apps >> Year Make Model Search >>Manage YMM

  2. From Here, You can Manage YMM data by Edit / Delete / Search operations. Watch Video Guide (click here)

  3. Manage YMM

Bulk Product Assign

  1. Go to Admin >> Apps >> Year Make Model Search >> Bulk Product Assign

  2. From Here, You can Bulk Assign Products quickly to Multiple YMM Rows.

    For Bulk Assign, Just follow the steps mentioned in below window:
  3. Bulk Product Assign

Universal Products

  1. Go to Admin >> Apps >> Year Make Model Search >> Manage YMM Fields and make sure, you have Selected Web Page With Custom Template option by Year Make Model Advance Search Result Page.

  2. Go to Admin >> Apps >> Year Make Model Search >> Universal Products

  3. From Here, You can Add set of Products to any Search Results.

    For Assign Universal Products, Just follow the steps mentioned in below:

    1. Step-1: Select "Yes" from Use Universal Products in search dropdown option.

    2. Step-2: You can choose whether to Display Universal Products as First or Last from Display Universal Products by Dropdown.

    3. Step-3: Assign your Universal Products by Select Products from Leftside box and then Click on right arrow to move Products into selected list.

    4. Step-4: After Step-3 click on Save button.

  4. Universal Products


  1. Go to Admin >> Apps >> Year Make Model Search >> Import/Export

  2. From here, You can Import/Export YMM Rows.

  3. >> Watch Video Guide for Import YMM (click here)
  4. Import/Export

How to create YMM CSV from Sample CSV?

  1. Go to Admin >> Apps >> Year Make Model Search >> Import/Export

  2. From here, You can Download Sample CSV then Modify / Add entries in it.

  3. >> Watch Video Guide (click here)
  4. Import/Export

How to Import YMM Rows with Product Id?

  1. To Import YMM Records,You have to Upload CSV File here if you're not sure about CSV Format then Please click on Export YMM CSV OR Download Sample CSV by just click on button.

  2. Please read below Instructions carefully before Import CSV:
  1. Please DONOT change/delete CSV Column Ordering/Column Names.

  2. If you enter year range in csv file for import, please make sure to select "Csv contains Year range values". You need to enter range with '-'. For example, 2001-2010.

  3. Whenever you Change/Add Fields. Please "Download Sample CSV" File to get latest fields and Ordering.

  4. You can get Store Product Ids using Product Range only When there are more than 2000 Products in your Store. For it, after selecting product range, just Click on Export Product CSV Button.

  5. You must have to keep Product Ids as First Column in your CSV and Enter Product Ids with "," (separated by comma) like snapshot.

IMPORTANT!  You must have to Enter "Product Id" in your YMM CSV not "Product SKU"

Please follow below steps for Assigning Product Ids in YMM Rows by CSV:

  1. Step-1: Export All Product Ids CSV by selecting ranges one by one If there are more than 2000 Products in your Store. You have to export csv for each range to get all product ids. Watch Video Guide (click here)

    NOTE: Max. 2000 Published Products are Exported at a time.

  2. Step-2: Merge All Exported Product Ids CSV into one CSV. For this Step > Please open this URL in your browser: and then please follow video guide. Watch this Video (click here)  (Optional)

  3. Step-3: Now Next step is to Assign Product IDs to YMM rows in CSV file. It is simple process. Just open your Merged CSV file which is generated in Step-2 and Find your product name then you will see Product ID in First column of it like below snapshot:
    Copy Product Id
    Now just add it in YMM CSV file like below snapshot:How to Import YMM Rows

  4. Step-4: After Prepared Final YMM CSV with assigned Product Ids then Import your YMM CSV.

Import Rows Options

You can Import YMM Rows using below options :

  1. 1. Csv contains year range like 2001-2010 will import YMM Rows with each Year value of the range which you have entered in csv file
    Note : when you select this option, you need to select Field which will contain Range value in Your CSV.

  2. 2. File was exported using the 'Update Rows' template will only update YMM Rows. (It prevents insertion of duplicate rows and updates rows as per changes made in Your CSV.)

  3. 3. Bulk Insert option will be deleted all previous records and your new csv data will be insert. So, please be careful & take Backup by Export YMM Records CSV first.

  4. 4. Append Rows will be Import New Records

  5. Import Rows Option

Export YMM CSV

  1. You can Export YMM Rows by Click on Export YMM CSV.

  2. You can select Bulk Update template or Default template for CSV file.
    • If you want to update YMM rows then you can export CSV file using Bulk update template. After changes, you can import this CSV file and it will update the YMM rows which are changed. Note : Do not change/update YMM Id column in CSV file.
    • Default template CSV file will not include Ymm Id column and so it will not be used for Update YMM Rows, if you re-import this csv file (with changes), it will insert the new YMM Rows

  3. Export YMM

How to fix errors while Import YMM CSV into my Language?

  1. This is caused by improper CSV format.Please use calc spreadsheet application and saving in UTF-8 format. OR Please use Google Doc for Convert Your CSV in UTF-8 format.

  2. Please refer below section for more details on How to convert CSV file in UTF-8 format.

How to convert CSV file in UTF-8 format?

  1. For Convert your file in UTF-8 please follow below steps:

  2. Using Google Sheets:

  3. Step-1:  Go to login using your gmail account. Click on Blank.

  4. Step-2:  Go to File -> Open and upload your file.

  5. Step-3:  After upload your file File -> Download as -> Comma-seperated values (.csv, current sheet)

  6. Step-4:  Your file will be start downloading.

  7. Note: Don't forget to remove space from file name.

Uninstall App

There are two things that have to be done manually in your store admin:

  • Uninstall the app from admin section
  • 1. Go to Apps > My Apps

    2. Click Uninstall.

    Uninstall Application

    3. The app will be removed from the My Apps section of the App Marketplace and the Apps bar in your control panel.

    My app section

  • Remove our application template code and files from your store.

    Step-1:  Remove "ymmapp" folder from your store's webdav section content folder.

    Step-2:  Remove the code from Theme Files >> templates >> components >> common >> header.html OR from other file in which you applied this code.

    You need to find following code in your theme files and remove it.

    Uninstall Application Remove Template Code

    Step-3:  If you created "Product Result" web page then Delete it.

Customer Support

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