BigCommerce Quick Shop App User Guide

Thank you for purchasing Quick Shop BigCommerce App. If you have any difficulty with this App or you find an issue, please feel free to send us a message:

Below you will find the detailed documentation on how to use our App and we wish you have a great experience with our BigCommerce App.

How to Use it

Quick Shop make Bulk Ordering quick and easy. In the Quick Shop Application page there is a quantity boxes to each Product so customers allow to purchase Multiple Products at once without navigating to all categories to find products. It's perfect for Wholesale Customers who buy in bulk but it's also a great addition to any site where customers pick up multiple items in a single order. It provides robust solutions for wholesale buyers. It is a faster and easier way to order from the online shop for the customers.

Check Live Demo Here

Note : Quick Shop page show Product Price In Default Currency of the Store. If you are using multiple currency and you want to show product price in the current selected currency format in Quick Shop then you have to Contact our support team.
Quick Shop doesn't support Product Modifiers feature. We are working on it and provide it on our next update.

Please watch the video which explained the complete Quick Shop app installation, setup process and also how our app works.

App Installation

1. Click here to visit our BigCommerce App >> BigCommerce Quick Shop App

Steps to Show Quick Shop on Store Frontend

  1. Go to Admin >> Apps >> Quick Shop >> How to Use it

  2. Step-1: Download necessary files
    • Click on the Download button and download the zip file.
    • Then Connect to your store WebDAV server. You can check it here. Now open Content folder in WebDAV.
    • Copy and paste the downloaded zip file in the Content folder and extract it. You will see qsapp folder in your Content folder.


  3. Step-2:  Create a custom web page to display Quick Shop Contents. Go to Admin >> Storefront >> Web pages >> Create a web page .

    Create Web page

    •   Enter the web page Name and click on HTML Button.

      Create Web page

  4. Step-3: Go to Admin >> Apps >> Quick Shop >>How to Use It >> Step-3. Copy web page Code by click on Copy to Clipboard.
    •   Now Paste Code into Page Content HTML ( Use HTML Source Editor for pasting this code because this is HTML code. )Watch Video Guide (click here)

      Open HTML Editor

Manage Quick Shop

  1. Go to Admin >> Apps >> Quick Shop >> Manage Quick Shop. Watch Video Guide (click here)

    • By default, you can have only 10 products per page for Products having options and/or modifiers. So if your products have variants, you can select them from Products can have. You can set Page Limit as per your requirement when you have selected variants only. Maximum page limit is 250.
    • You can set Product Image Effect and also you can Manage Flyout Image Timing.
    • From all the categories of your store, you can select and configure the categories which you want to show in your Quick Shop page Categories drop down.
  2. Manage Quick Shop
    • You can select and configure Customer Groups who can use Quick Shop features. Only Selected Group's Customers can use Quick Shop App. You can Define Message who doesn't allow to use Quick Shop App. If you select For Everyone option then all Customers or Visitors on your website can use Quick Shop Application.
    • You can Show and Hide remaining "Inventory Stock" below each Product Quantity box.
    • You can allow Wishlist to display Customer's wishlist in the category dropdown.
    • If you want to display quantity box, add to cart and pricing with each of your product variants, then you can display it. Please select Yes in Product List in Tabular Form.(only works for Products having Variants)
    • You can show/hide/disable out of stock products/variants/options as per your requirement.
  3. Manage Quick Shop
    • You can hide Add to cart button and prices for the specific group of customers and set a custom message for not allowed customers.
  4. Manage Quick Shop

Quick Shop App in Your Store Front

  1. Once you followed all the steps properly, check Quick Shop Page on your store (for example, It'll look like the below window:

    Front View of Quick Shop

  2. Tabular form of quick shop page when product has variants:

    Front View of Quick Shop

Update Store Details and Shortcode

  1. Go to Admin >> Apps >> Quick Shop >> How to Use It

  2. Quick Shop is using your Store URL to connect with your store. Once you change your store domain, make sure to update your Store URL from here. Click on Update Button and check the updated details. If your store url has been changed and after clicking on update button still the app is not working properly then you need to update short-code in the WebPage where you put for showing Quick-shop Page to make the app working properly.
  3. update_store_details

  4. For that, follow the Step-3 again. Copy Web Page Code and Re-Paste it on your web page.

  5. Step-1:  Go to Admin >> Apps >> Quick Shop >> How to Use it and Copy Updated Web Page Code.

  6. updated_shortcode

  7. Step:2 Re-paste Copied web page code in your Web Page or you can Contact our support team.

  8. re-paste_shortcode

Uninstall App

There are three things that have to be done manually in your store admin:

  • Uninstall the app from admin section.

    1. Go to Apps > My Apps

    2. Click Uninstall.

    Uninstall Application

    3. The app will be removed from the My Apps section of the App Marketplace and the Apps bar in your Control Panel.

  • Remove our application code and files from your store.

    Step-1:  Remove "qsapp" folder from your store's WebDAV section Content folder.

    Step-2:  You need to find following code in Admin >> Storefront >> Web pages >> (Web page Name) and remove it.

    Uninstall Application Remove Template Code

  • If you Uninstall our Quick Shop App after Subscribing in PayPal then you must follow below steps:

    Step-1:  Login to your PayPal Account.

    Step-2:  Go to SettingsIcon Settings.

    Step-3:  Click Payments.

    Step-4:  Under "Preapproved payments", click Manage preapproved payments.

    Step-5:  Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel and click Cancel.

    Step-6:  Click Cancel Profile to confirm your request.

    If you have any questions then Click Here to find more details on the PayPal site or feel free to Contact Us.

Customer Support

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at We are happy to help you.

Please add our email: to your address book to ensure our response email is not marked as spam mail.

We will try our best to reply your emails as soon as possible , except weekends and National Holidays.

Thank you.
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