BigCommerce Mega Menu App FAQs

1. Menus are not showing on Store, Even after Paste Shortcode.
Answer: Please download the necessary files using "Download" button on "How To Use" page and copy megamenuapp folder in your webdav content folder.

2. I have changed my store url but still app displays old url, How can I update it ?
Answer: When you update your store url, you need to update these details in Mega Menu App. To do this, Go to Mega Menu App >> How to Use >> Your Store Details. Click on Update button. Now you can see your updated details.

3. Would I lose my all data after uninstallation of app ?
Answer: Yes, All data is removed from the system once you uninstall App.

4. I am looking for a menu app and found your app very confusing to build menus in my store, Please help how to start.
Answer: When you install our app then you will see confirm box and if you click on ok button then Sample Menus will be installed in our app for your store which can help you understand menu layout completely. You can also see our mega menu features video for menu group creation to understand features of app.

5. I tried mega menu app and created some menus but it looks very messy in my store, Can I have any easy tricks.
Answer: Please delete all your menus. After that you can see Import Sample Menus button in Menu Items tab. It will create a horizontal menu group and four different types of sample menu items to explain layout of our menus. You can edit and check this menus to add your content.

6. Recently, I put my store to live. I updated store details from Mega Menu App for my new store. But still something is missing, the app is not working ?
Answer: When you update your store details, it also updates MegaMenu Script from your script manager. Still if the script is not working, You need to follow the step-2 from Mega Menu App >> How to Use >> Step-2. It will create your script or update if it already exists.

7. Why are auto show subcategories not working in the menu?
Answer: Make sure that all the assigned subcategories option "Visible in menu?" is enable.

8. Any change such as add, edit, add-sub, delete menu-items or change in the menu group is not displayed in the front?
Answer: Go to General Settings tab and click on the “PUBLISH” button for displaying new changes on frontend.

9. I have installed mega menu app and I want to import menus. Please give a way how to do it.
Answer: Please check Mega Menu App >> Import/Export >> Import Menus. You can see the help button which opens one help modal. From here, You can see Downalod Sample Csv button after clicking it sample csv will be downloaded. You can import Sample Csv file to check how it is working then after you can update and re-import it also.

10. I have imported menus but did not see any menus. Please guide me for it.
Answer: There is column named group_name in menu csv file. Please check the group name you have entered in CSV file is created in our Menu app or not. If you did not create any Menu Group then please create it. And also check all the required fields are filled in csv file properly or not. For more details, you can read here.

11. If I uninstall your Application after subscription from PayPal or I want to cancel a subscription or a recurring payment in my PayPal account then what I need to do ?
Answer:   Uninstalling our app, cancels all future scheduled payments of that subscription if you have. Before uninstall, if you want to cancel subscription, Go to Mega Menu app >> Account >> Subscription >> Click on unsubscribe. It will allow you to unsubscribe from our app and also cancel paypal subscription from your Paypal account. Still if you face any problem you can do it manually,

  • Login to your PayPal Account.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click Payments.
  • Under "Preapproved payments", click Manage preapproved payments.
  • Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel and click Cancel.
  • Click Cancel Profile to confirm your request.

12. If I want to transfer my subscription from one sandbox store to the other production store, then what do I need to do ? I have two different stores in bigcommerce, one for development and another for production. Please help me.
Answer: There is no option to transfer the subscription but we have a solution for you. You can cancel the subscription of the sandbox store or remain it so that you can test the app in the sandbox store before completion of your new launch. Go to Mega Menu app >> Account >> Subscription >> Click on unsubscribe. It will allow you to unsubscribe from our app and also cancel paypal subscription from your Paypal account. And for the next, you need to purchase a new subscription for your production store. For the production store, you can subscribe to our app from the mega menu app admin.

13. I have subscribed to the Mega menu app for my sandbox store. Now, I want to launch my store with a permanent new domain so is there any way to continue using the mega menu app with this subscription for the new domain of my same store ?
Answer: Yes, of course. We have a UPDATE button in our mega menu app admin >> How to use tab. Currently, it will show your old domain. When you click on UPDATE button, it will change your store's new domain to our app database and then our Mega menu app will work for your new domain of the same store. Please check here for more details. This will continue your subscription for your new domain also.