Capacity Web Solutions is a website development and web designing company specializing in cutting edge internet solutions, database development, marketing and hosting.

Incorporated in 2007 we have established ourselves to be experts in Backend MySQL and PHP programming; therefore we can safely say that Capacity Web Solutions can fulfill all your MySQL & PHP requirements, quickly, efficiently and at a cost that suits you.

Our Focus

Our focus is on the production of web solutions for businesses or individuals to help them realize the potential of the internet through online marketing; e-commerce; mobile applications and email.

At Capacity Web Solutions we have found the best way to ensure a consistently good end-result is to ADOPT A CONSISTENT PLANNING PROCEDURE.

Capacity Web Solutions delivers the premier web application platform products and services for PHP applications. With commercial products and services that enable developers and IT personnel to deliver business-critical PHP applications, Capacity Web Solutions is taking the power of PHP to the enterprise. The company delivers the next generation products and services necessary for developing, deploying and managing enterprise-class PHP applications.

Capacity Web Solutions has momentum.

Capacity Web Solutions products are focused on PHP, which has taken the market by storm. PHP has surpassed ASP, making it the most popular web scripting language. Commercially, the company’s web application platform products have many customers worldwide. Capacity Web Solutions is well managed and is currently investing in the people, technology and infrastructure to dominate the enterprise market.

If you need a site built for you in PHP, Capacity Web Solutions can take care of that for you. Our development team is skilled in all PHP programming languages.